What is SEO ping submission and does it work?

What is SEO ping submission and does it work?

Occasionally I come across concepts and ideas around SEO, that are either clearly outdated or spammy and won’t provide any value to a budding webmaster wanting to increase their organic search traffic. However, this week, I came across a concept that I thought was old-hat. However, it seems that it’s still alive and well. The […]

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Should I buy SEO services from Fiverr?

SEO is hugely valuable for your business. However, SEO can be very expensive. A good SEO agency might charge you hundreds, even thousands per month in order to optimise your site and produce good content. This is out of reach for most small businesses, as they simply don’t have the budget. So a lot of […]

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Is Directory Submission Still Effective for SEO?

Often I get asked about certain SEO techniques and tricks that are supposed to help people improve some aspect of their website – be it their backlinks, organic traffic, etc. Some of these techniques have merit, some don’t. In this article, I’m going to discuss directory submission. Does it work for SEO in 2019?   […]

8 EASY Ways to Optimise Your Blog Content for SEO

8 EASY Ways to Optimise Your Blog Content for SEO

When it comes to SEO, it’s very easy to get confused about where you should be targeting your efforts and what’s going to give you the most return. I’ve definitely been there – it’s part of being a professional SEO and digital marketer. I have to look at each individual site I work with to […]

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The ULTIMATE guide to E-A-T and why it’s essential in 2019

As any webmaster will have found out, Google is getting better and better at identifying quality content it can serve up to users. And because of this, some webmasters think that all they need to do is provide something valuable to their users and they’ll be ranking top for every keyword they can think of. […]